Theatre Dept.

With the Theatre Department, the DreamCatchers strive to bring vibrant, relevant works to the Black Boxes of Manhattan.  The essence of every story is the script.  We carefully choose the script or translation, ensuring that the story speaks to the Dreamer who will bring the piece to life. Our Theatrical Performances begin as either a Staged Reading [Talent on Tap: Draught] or are developed as part of THE GHOSTLIGHT SERIES or DAYDREAMS.  In addition to rewrites motivated by Audience talkback and Artistic Direction, the DreamCatchers work carefully with each Playwright on script structure well before and during rehearsals.  Once the script is locked, every design element harmonizes to create a coherent aesthetic for the piece.  Theatre is a collaborative art. Every designer involved contributes an equal amount to the final product without losing sight of the original intent: the telling of the story.

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Staged Readings
[Talent on Tap: Draught]

If you are a rising playwright looking to get the most recent draft of your play read aloud before an audience with professional actors, director, and even a preliminary design concept, contact for more information on the Talent on Tap process.

Production Company for Hire
[Realize Your Dream]

Do you have the project, the funding, half the people & materials you need to make your show happen but are too bogged down with Administrative & Technical Duties to creatively contribute to your own show? Or – do you have a great idea, but think the funding you have is too little for anything to happen? DreamCatcher Entertainment’s experience, professionalism, and versatility may be able to help you out. Contact for more information on the Realize Your Dream process.

East in Red by Ryan Sprague [photo by Caitlin Spiess]

East in Red by Ryan Sprague (photo by Caitlin Spiess)

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