The DreamCatchers would like to congratulate PENNY MIDDLETON on being the 2012 Terror Tales Winning Playwright.  Be sure to follow the dream to keep up with Penny as she writes a brand new piece [Upon a Thicket Throne – a modern-day witch hunt featuring the familiar character, Tituba], developed exclusively for The Ghostlight Series.

The Workshop Production of the Ghostlight Series takes place in October each year; it brings a classic ghost story to the streets of modern day Manhattan [for example: Ryan Sprague’s East in Red brought Jack the Ripper to Modern Day East Villiage]. The winner from the previous year’s Terror Tales competition is the commissioned playwright for the Ghostlight Workshop.

Terror Tales is a monologue/1-character play competition between Dreamer & “Wild Card” playwrights 3-7 pages. Audiences & a guest panel of judges vote at a special edition of Talent on Tap: Draught. The winning playwright is commissioned to write & develop the next years Ghostlight Workshop [not to mention – a $500 prize]! Dreamer playwrights are invited to participate; anyone else interested in being a “Wild Card” submission, email

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