It Would Take Armageddon:

a collaborative poetic drama

by Donzell Crow, M. Dalts, Kel Feustel, Sarah Ittner, Nolan Menditz, & Justin Woo
Composed by Kel Feustel

In a future where the government keeps you ignorant, two college students uncover the past…

It Would Take Armageddon takes place in the distant future, where no artistic outlet is available or even known. In this post-apocalyptic future, Earth as we know it is beyond memory. Children are raised in sanitary seclusion by Bots and at 12, individuals are assigned a living quarters which they are never to leave. Food is brought daily by Bots, education delivered via online video chat, and everything government-approved is available to read on the internet with the supervision of Order, a “big brother” – type antagonist. Val, a young college student, is forced to relocate when her building is damaged. Among the rubble, she discovers something she has never before seen: a hand-written book. When the voice of an Old Poet emerges through the journal, Val decides to break free of Order and society. Working to bring Creative Writing back to life, Val recruits her online friend, Jonah, to join the cause. Jonah visits the rubble, not understanding why poetry moves his friend, looking for his own inspiration. He finds a single, vinyl record and player that sparks his own fire. Now, both are determined to change the world, if they can only figure out how to find each other before Order finds them both… or before the Old Poet’s true agenda is completed.

About Collaborative Poetic Drama

CPD is a brand-new performance art developed exclusively at DreamCatcher Entertainment for our production of Words. Words was originally staged as a one-night-only experimental piece of Theatre; but in the over-sold out crowd, several University Professors expressed such interest in the process that the creative team taught a master-class coupled with a revival performance to college students. As part of the CPD, poets work independently on about a dozen poems under the guise of a “character” (determined by the Composer) and shape adjustments to said poems before coming together as a team for final editing of the script. The Poets become the Characters they gave voice to, and perform coupled with movement and creativity for a unique Theatrical Experience.

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