Join the Dream

As you might imagine, it takes a steady group of returning artists to keep DreamCatcher’s projects running smoothly. And we want to help promote you, whatever endeavors your talents might take.  We want to make sure that your relationship with DreamCatcher is one that will gain you the satisfaction of being a working professional, and hopefully continue to bridge networks with other artists so that you can find yourself with opportunities at every turn.

If you Join the Dream, you will become part of our Dreamer Database, where your discipline[s] will be noted and you will receive immediate-knowledge about Monologue and Script Workshops [free for Dreamers], Auditions, Script Submissions, Design and Directing Opportunities, Focus Groups, Discounted Tickets to All DreamCatcher Events, the opportunity to be part of the Development Team on a new piece, and any other perks we may Dream Up. We will also promote any outside projects and work you do via our Monthly Newsletter’s Catch the Dreamers section, as well as on all of our Social Media.

Join the Dream: Get Drafted

Talent on Tap: Draught is a playground for the creative associates of DreamCatcher to put up pieces of all sorts; there is no one set genre or style of theatre. It is an open forum for playwrights to continue the creative process in a very supportive environment. This also provides the friends of DreamCatcher an opportunity to get on their feet when they’re between shows! For any writers interested in bringing their works to life, please email the Company Manager at Any actors who are interested in being part of a future Talent on Tap reading can send their headshot and resume to:

Join the Dream: Rock Out

Talent on Tap:Rock n’ Rye is a venue for Artists looking to expand their fan base or test new material. Participating artists have the opportunity to network and sell merchandise. Musical Artists interested in showcasing with DreamCatcher, please email

Join the Dream: Take a Shot

Talent on Tap:Shooters is a playground for the creative associates of DreamCatcher to screen films of all sorts before an educated audience; there is no one set genre or style of film. There is no submission fee, and Film Makers receive a portion of ticket sales.  Whether your film is in need of an Opening Night Screening Party or a Test Audience, DCE can help promote your screening event! Film Makers interested in screening at DreamCatcher, please email


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