Meet Patrick Marran (Company Manager)

Once upon a time, there was a young man who wished to become a Lawyer. He worked hard in his classes, and occasionally was cast in his high school productions. One day, he realized that everything he loved about law, everything he did well, came from his passion for the performing arts. He completely changed tack and went to college, graduating with a BFA in Theatre, a minor in English, a whetted appetite for Shakespeare and a cunning eye for Set Construction.


How the heck did this guy become an Admin?

Well, it’s been an interesting trek but folks my passion for theatre is not able to be pidgeonholed to one form. I love what I do with DreamCatcher Entertainment. I put in odd hours throughout the week, and I try and help put two people in the same room so good art can happen.

As Company manager my job has no one simple description; it changes from project to project depending on the company’s needs. As we stride forward on our Production-Company-For-Hire facet, I will be the correspondent to Actors’ Equity to help push our programs forwards to the next phase.

Primarily though, I am the mouthpiece of our key staff members. I tend to be the one networking and heavily-invested in our search to work with new clients. I am the first face an artist will contact, be they writer, actor, director, etc.

I work in casting, I do project setup, I correspond with playwrights and I orchestrate the Talent on Tap series. Afterwards, I keep our databases running and begin contact emails with those artists who attended our Talent on Tap series and express interest in our program. It’s a lot of coffee, and some really fun brainstorming ideas. I like to put the best people together with each possible project. ┬áIt’s been almost a year and a half now since I took the position and we’ve grown so much as a company that my job requirements change as new members come and go, and as new Staff join the core Dreamers.

When we speak of DreamCatcher as a company, we’re really talking about the people who constantly come back for more—we are the ones who catch the impossible. We weave the netting over some impressive dreams and it’s an honor to help bring so many projects to life. Be they readings, productions, or just letting circumstance create new friendships. The theatrical community is a small one and we’re glad to have impacted so many returning faces.

As I tackle the new added title of “Literary Manager” it will be my honor and challenge to continue providing quality pieces to our Talent on Tap roster, as well as bringing the fully staged pieces to you with the kind of story content that DreamCatcher always delivers. These next few months will be far more than I can sum up in one paragraph…but if the scripts on my desk are any indication you’ll have plenty to say at our talkbacks and I am more eager for that than I can put into words right now!

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